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Have you seen a Kyle Sliger  Stunt Show?  Well if you haven't then you are missing out!  This STUNT SHOW is 100 percent professional and can bring entertainment to pretty much any event.  Kyle can perform in very small areas and also indoors on just about any surface.  During his performance he will have loud music and a announcer hyping up the crowd and interacting with them.  The Stunt Show is very informative as we explain all sections of our sport from trick names , competitions ,and even explaining how I'm doing the tricks.  The sport consist of 4 categories STOPPIES, WHEELIES,ACROBATICS,BURNOUTS.  We make sure to go over each individual category to help the people understand how the competition world works in STUNT RIDING.  As you can see in some photos below we have 3 tent bay with speakers and PA system along with shirts for sale and free posters for everyone who wishes to have one.  There is autograph signing right after each show  for as long as needed.   A bonus during the down time in between Stunt Shows Kyle will make sure to keep the crowd entertained with music and frequent announcements on the PA along with some Stunt Riding on the little PIT BIKES.  The shows usually last around 30 minutes and can go longer or shorter depending on size of area and number of riders .   This STUNT SHOW is high energy and fun for all ages and we are most certain the people will love it !!!   CONTACT ME for more info about having a KYLE SLIGER STUNT SHOW in your town!

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